Ealiox PRO

Embrace the future of advertising

Revolutionize how you connect with your mobile audience by enhancing your outreach strategy with the power of a highly attentive audience. Explore EalioxPRO and adopt the new ways of social-commerce era.

How it works


1. Purchase Ad Credits

You don't need to bid for ad space or compete with other advertisers on Ealiox. You just need to purchase upfront credits for $1 each, and each credit allows you to reach one user for up to 15 seconds. Each view is verified via an open blockchain and biometrics, so you know a real Human saw your Ad—not bots or inflated impression numbers. Start with as little as $10 and scale up as you see the results, unused credits are refundable. You can also cancel or modify your campaigns anytime without penalty or hassle.


2. Manage your Ads

Do you have a still image or video that you want to promote? Grab that media file and upload it. Make necessary adjustments to your ad campaigns by tailoring target demographics or changing the budget allocation using our intuitive and user-friendly interface. Our service is designed to be simple; you can literally deploy your next campaign in less than 1 minute!


3. Launch your Ads!

Launch your ad campaigns and relax. Your launched ads are sent exclusively to the catalogs of Ealiox club members. Our club members will not be intruded by Ads on our social platform; instead, they are incentivized for the valuable time and attention that they give to your Ad each time they complete a view.


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